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Welcome to the Official Website of the Reedham Old Scholars’ Association (ROSA)

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ROSA helps old scholars, friends and other interested parties to keep in touch with one another and to keep abreast of Reedham news and events. On this website you will find reminders of the long history of the school, some memories – good, bad, happy or sad – and perhaps find links to old friends or answers to your family history queries.Reedham was founded in 1844 as an orphanage, home and school for children whose fathers had died or were severely incapacitated. Over the years more than 6,000 children passed through Reedham and were helped to make a good start in life. It’s a fascinating story, with many ups and downs, and more about it will be found elsewhere by visiting our History, Museum and Photo Gallery website pages. We hope to keep alive the story of Reedham and commemorate all those who worked or went there. Quite early in the story an association of old scholars was formed to keep in touch with friends and the old school, and wherever possible to help the work being done. This continues today as the Reedham Old Scholars’ Association (ROSA) and still flourishes. Our aim, as ever, is to keep in touch with old friends (why not try our new forum) and to keep abreast of Reedham News and Events. Our website and newsletters helps with this. We hope that via the website to also make contact with new friends and with other interested parties searching for information – Click here for the contact details of our Organising Team. For researchers seeking details of relatives who may have attended Reedham please Click here to contact our Historian.With improvements in social care and in education, the needs originally being met by Reedham gradually changed. In 1979 residential care ceased and the impressive hill-top buildings and the large estate were sold off and the capital used to found an educational trust. This is now The Reedham Children’s Trust which continues to follow the principles of Reedham’s founder, Andrew Reed, by supporting vulnerable children in a variety of different boarding schools. ROSA aims to give important support to The Reedham Children’s Trust and more information about the Trust can be found on their website at ROSA has continued throughout with a strong membership and school leavers who have been supported by the Trust are also now joining our association. If you have Reedham connections or interests you are warmly invited to join us.We welcome your comments, suggestions and contributions for the website and hope that you will not hesitate to Contact us by using the details at the foot of this page.

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